A New Season of “Black Mirror” is Here & Everyone is Buzzing About THIS Episode

After a four-year-long wait, Netflix finally surprised us with a brand-new season of its hit anthology series Black Mirror. Charlie Brooker invited us back to his dark world with five brand new episodes, but none of them created more buzz than Joan Is Awful.

Led by the Emmy-winning Schitt’s Creek star Annie Murphy, this episode focuses on tech CEO Joan, whose life turns upside down after learning that the streaming app Streamberry launched a prestige drama based on her life, starring Hollywood A-lister Salma Hayek, no less!

After learning there’s not much she can do because she signed off rights to her life after agreeing to Streamberry’s terms and conditions, Joan decided to go the extra mile to take control of her own life.

Even though it doesn’t match the quality of some of the best Black Mirror episodes, Joan Is Awful comes at the most perfect time. It offers a cheeky commentary on our relationship with streaming, while also addressing the downfalls of AI-generated content.

To promote the new season of the series, Netflix even launched a fake website inspired by the show’s fictional streaming service Streamberry. This website allows you to create your own Joan Is Awful-style poster—just make sure to read the terms and conditions beforehand!

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