5 Ways to Give the Mushroom Home Decor Craze Your Seal of Approval

From wellness to pop culture, mushrooms are taking over all the spheres of modern life—and they’re also coming for our homes. Fungi-inspired décor is all the rage right now and you can welcome it into your home with these five pieces.


If we had to pick a single piece of home décor that started this craze, mushroom lamps would take the cake. They’ve been around for quite some time, and they’re going stronger than ever right now, with new models constantly emerging.


Mushroom-inspired candles are experiencing a huge boom these days and we’re seeing many brands trying to put their own twist on this rising home décor craze.


If you’re a huge believer that it’s impossible to have too many pillows, how about welcoming one fungi-shaped model into your home? You can even pair your mushroom pillows with blankets and bedsheets with a similar print.


You can use tableware to embrace pretty much any emerging home décor trend in a minimalistic way. Mushroom décor is no exception, and you can find everything from plates to mugs with this motif.


Pretty much any décor piece can take the shape of a mushroom, from random decorations to pillows, lamps, and candles, but shroom-shaped baskets are definitely the most creative take on this trend.

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