5 Ways to Avoid Pickpocketing During Your Travels

Some travel destinations are safe than others, and pickpocketing tends to be pretty common at major tourist hubs. That doesn’t necessarily mean you should be scared but cautious and take certain measures that will stop pickpockets in their tracks.

Leave Cash at the Hotel

Don’t take all of your cash with you everywhere you go. Leave some of it in your hotel safe or hostel locker, along with other expensive items.

Avoid Large Crowds

Pickpockets thrive in large crowds, so try to avoid visiting busy areas during peak times. Exploring them during off-hours is much safer and more enjoyable.

Bag Choice

Backpacks are a magnet for pickpockets so avoid wearing them at all costs. Keep a close eye on your bag, make sure it’s zipped at all times, and consider getting a belt bag or fanny pack for extra security.

Stay Alert

Tourists are usually an easy target because they are too distracted. Even if you’re looking at the map or taking pictures, stay alert to your surroundings and pay close attention to what’s going on around you.

Don’t Make Yourself a Target

Showing off is the easiest way to make yourself a pickpocketing target. A modest traveler is a safe traveler so avoid flashing your wealth and leave fancy watches and luxury purses at home.

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