5 Summer Trends From Dua Lipa’s Instagram That You Need in Your Life ASAP

Dua Lipa never fails to knock us off our feet with her fashion choices. Her outfits are always on point, perfectly blending modern and nostalgic vibes, and here are five trends she can’t get enough of this summer.


Barbiecore is summer’s hottest fashion trend and it’s all about adding some pink color to your look. The Grammy-winning singer embraced this trend with this lacy tour look.

Neon Vibes

Speaking of trendy colors that you should be wearing this summer, neon outfits are still not going out of style. Lipa opted for neon green this time around, but pretty much any color works if you’re brave enough to wear it.

Opera Gloves

Opera gloves aren’t one of the fashion items that you can easily incorporate into your everyday looks, but they are one of the biggest red carpet trends in the world right now and Dua Lipa is one of their biggest fans.

Low-Rise Jeans

Love them or hate them, low-rise jeans are back and they’re not going anywhere. The “Don’t Start Now” singer can’t get enough of this trend and she enjoys pairing her low-rise pants with waist chains.

Cowgirl Vibes

Cowgirl fashion is making a surprising comeback this summer and Lipa embraced it with this western-inspired outfit.

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