5 Common Smoothie Ingredients You Should Use In Moderation

Smoothies are often hailed as one of the ultimate healthy foods, but the truth is actually a little bit tricky. Your smoothies will be as healthy as the ingredients you add to your blender, and here are five you should probably use in moderation.

Dairy Milk

Dairy milk is packed with fat and calories, and it’s sometimes even sweetened, so it’s best to mix it with water or replace it with plant-based varieties.

Nuts and Nut Butters

Nuts are packed with healthy nutrients, but it’s important to remember they have a high fat content. That’s why you shouldn’t go overboard when adding them to your smoothies—and the same goes for nut butters.

Greek Yogurt

Non-fat Greek yogurt is a popular smoothie ingredient thanks to its high protein content, but try not to use over half a cup per serving to keep your smoothies on the healthy side.


When it comes to natural sweeteners you can add to your smoothies, honey is one of the most popular options, but keep in mind you shouldn’t go overboard and stick to a single tablespoon.


Avocados can do a great job adding creaminess to your smoothies, but they’ll also make its fat content go through the roof, so avoid using more than a quarter of an avocado per smoothie.

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