4 Hacks for Healthy Friendships

Whether you are a social butterfly or have an intimate inner circle, the friendships we keep are an enormous part of what makes life worth living. After all, there was a 10-season television series about it! But just like anything that grows, friendships require nurture and maintenance to stay alive and healthy.

Keep in Contact

We’re not saying you have to communicate every day—as we get older, our schedules get busier and it can be extremely difficult to stay in touch on a consistent basis—but occasional check-ins are important. It can be as simple as sending a meme that you know your friend will appreciate. It is also important to not only reach out when you need something from them.

Happiness is Real When Shared

There’s nothing quite like someone you love being happy for you when things go well. While it is sometimes easier to be supportive during tough times by commiserating together, friendship truly shines when friends are happy for each other’s bits of good news.

Permission to Launch

Much focus at the moment has been placed on the importance of mental health. Friends may seem like the right people to vent to if you’re going through a crisis, but be conscious of the fact that they, too, may be dealing with their own mental health issues. Before launching into whatever is on your mind ask if your friend has the capacity to listen.

Upfront and Honest

This may seem obvious, but don’t talk about your friends behind their backs. Friendships should be built on a foundation of honesty and trust, so if you have an issue with a friend, rather sit down together and tell them to their face.

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