3 Ways to Style Long Socks

You see them all over Instagram and Pinterest, but once you buy them it’s hard to know how to style them well. Yes, we’re talking about long socks. They look great and can be the perfect addition to any winter outfit. There’s nothing worse than cold ankles in the winter, and long socks are the perfect way to solve that and look like a fashionista!

Wear Them With Loafers

We can definitely give Emma Chamberlain some credit for popularizing this trend, but it’s become super common to wear longer socks with a pair of loafers. It looks super cute with a long skirt or a dress. It creates the perfect balance of casual and classy.

Scrunched Down With Ugg Boots

Ugg boots and slippers have made the comeback of the century this year. If you decide to hop on the bandwagon and get yourself a pair of short Uggs or Ugg slippers, you can wear your long socks scrunched at the ankles with either of these. This gives your comfy outfit an extra bit of style and warmth. 

Knee-High With Boots

If you love extra long socks that are knee-high, a great way to style them is to wear a pair of boots. If you do black socks with black boots, it will give the illusion of knee-high boots, which can look super cute with a skirt!

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