3 Quirky Date Ideas to Try This Valentine’s Day

The nice restaurants are all booked up and there’s nothing you fancy on at the movie theater. Why not shake things up this Valentine’s Day and try one of our quirky V-Day date ideas?

Take a Class Together

Learning something new together is romantic AND rewarding. Whether it’s cooking, ceramics, or cocktail-making, sign up for an evening workshop. You’ll get to share a fun new experience and might even discover a hidden talent!

Plan Your Next Trip

Why not set Valentine’s Day aside to plan your next vacation? Get a guidebook of your dream destination and spend the evening making a list of all the places you want to visit.

Camp in Your Living Room

In most places, February is not really camping weather but why not create a cozy campground in your living room? Build a den, fill it with blankets, cushions, and fairy lights, and snuggle in for a night of tech-free fun. You can make the s’mores in the microwave—we won’t tell!

Draw Each Other

We all know that scene in Titanic. Drawing each other can be super intimate, or super hilarious, depending on your sketching skills. Either way, you’ll have fun and get to gaze adoringly at your S/O all evening.

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