3 Positive Morning Activities to Start Your Day

Mornings are a really important time, as they set the precedent for your whole day. If you struggle to feel positive first thing, try these simple activities to help kickstart a happy mood.

Happy Song

This is a really easy way to get yourself feeling upbeat for your day ahead. Choose a song that you love that is quite positive, and listen to it when you wake up. Fully immerse yourself in the joy of the song, and dance along if you feel like it. 

Gratitude Meditation 

This is a simple meditation technique. You just need to sit quietly for a few minutes each morning with your eyes closed, focussing on your breathing. You can then start to think about the things in your life that you’re grateful for. This will help to start your day feeling calm and positive. 

Sun Lamp

This one is more relevant for winter, but starting your day with a sun lamp has been shown to positively affect people’s moods throughout their day. The light these lamps give off replicates sunlight, and will help your brain realize it’s daytime and time to be active and productive. 

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