3 Lindsay Lohan Movies You Should Rewatch Now!

Lindsay Lohan has made a comeback and we couldn’t be happier about it! As well as checking out her latest Netflix endeavors, now is the time to revisit some Lindsay Lohan classics. Grab a blanket and a big bowl of popcorn and settle in for a cozy night with your favorite flame-haired leading lady.

The Parent Trap

This iconic nineties movie is part of any self-respecting millennial’s catalog of childhood faves. The Parent Trap stars Lindsay as reunited twins Annie and Hallie who plot to bring their estranged parents back together. This is the film that confirmed the talented child actor’s place in our hearts and it’s well worth a nostalgic rewatch!

Freaky Friday

Lindsay Lohan dressed as a punk? Check! Jamie Lee Curtis rocking out on the electric guitar? Check! This hilarious body-swap movie has it all. If you were someone who had “Take Me Away” on your iPod growing up, now is the time to revisit this noughties smash-hit. And rumor has it there’s a sequel in the works…!

Mean Girls

The teen movie that set the bar for all teen movies that followed, we couldn’t not include Mean Girls on our list. From the most quotable script ever to stunning supporting acts by Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, this unforgettable favorite will transport you straight back to the school cafeteria!

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