3 Healthy Seeds to Include in Your Weekly Diet

There are so many different food groups that it can be hard to keep track. Some are super common and popular, while others may slip into the background more. Seeds are a food item that everyone should be adding to their diet as much as possible. They’re healthy and offer a unique range of vitamins and minerals, and are also versatile and can greatly improve many meals. Here are some excellent choices to add to your weekly diet.

Chia Seeds

These incredible seeds are super high in fiber and protein, so are an excellent addition to your weekly diet. They are best when soaked in water for at least 10 minutes before serving. They’re a popular addition to breakfast and can be added to porridge, yogurt, and smoothies.

Pumpkin Seeds

These tasty seeds are high in antioxidants and a variety of minerals so are a great way to make your meals healthier and more satisfying. They can be added to salads and pasta dishes or chucked into stews and soups for a crunchy flavor burst.

Sesame Seeds

These seeds are not only super healthy but also incredibly delicious. When added to certain dishes, they bring a savory, nutty flavor that is distinct and unique. They also look lovely as a garnish on various meals. 

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