3 Factors to Pay Extra Attention to When Buying a Carry-On Suitcase

If you’re committed to traveling light, your carry-on will become your new BFF. We all like having a cute and stylish suitcase by our side when strolling through the airport, but there are several important factors to consider when buying a new case that have nothing to do with its design.

Right Size

Finding a carry-on with the right dimensions can be quite a conundrum. Different airline companies have different rules when it comes to the length, height, and width of carry-ons. Check these rules beforehand and find the suitcase that perfectly fits them so you wouldn’t have to pay any extra fees.

Soft-Shell or Hard-Shell

Picking between soft- and hard-shell suitcases is one of the biggest conundrums travelers face when buying a carry-on. People who are trying to travel light usually opt for soft-shell models because they’re much lighter and more flexible, but it’s worth keeping in mind that hard-shell cases are more durable and easier to clean.

Easy to Navigate

Traveling is a dreamy experience, but it has its downsides—such as having trouble maneuvering a heavy suitcase everywhere you go. Carry-ons are pretty light by definition, but you’ll have an easier time navigating with one if you opt for a model with four wheels and telescopic handles.

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