2 Ways to Exercise During Work Hours

Okay CEOs, hold your horses—we’re not suggesting that your hard-working employees actually engage in exercise while they’re doing work for the company. Such a thing would be preposterous. Instead, we have a couple of great options that’ll enable people to work out during time that can be considered “work adjacent”. Here are two ways you can exercise during work hours (and not get fired).

On The Commute

If you live moderately close to work, what’s to stop you from jogging to work? Even walking to work is healthier than if you were to drive there. Another great option that may work for you is to bike there. Since you’re going to work anyway, why not use that as an opportunity to get your workout on?

During Your Lunch Break

Everyone’s entitled to a lunch break, but not everyone eats throughout the entire break period. Some are quick eaters, and if that’s you, this time could be ideal for you to work out. Whether it’s a ten minute jog around the area or a few jumping jack reps in the break room, there are plenty of methods to make this work for you. So what are you waiting for?

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