Youll Never Believe What This Man Did to Impress T-Swift

Alright, so people have been known to do some pretty crazy things to get the attention of celebrities that they are obsessed with. From sending crazy love notes to being so dedicated of a fan as chronicled by them having attended every single concert of their favorite signer, people can do crazy things when it comes to celebrity obsession.

And while many times celebrities appreciate the adoration brought upon them by these fans, sometimes, the obsessive behavior can be a little too freaky for any celebrity to appreciate. One man recently decided to rob his local bank in an effort to impress his celebrity crush, Taylor Swift.

Bruce Rowley, a 26 year old from Kentucky, was arrested last Thursday, after stealing $1,600 from a bank in the area. After stealing the money, he drove to Taylor Swift’s mansion on Rhode Island.

According to Rowley, his intention was to propose to the singer, but as she was not there when he went to her home, he threw some of the money that he had stolen over her fence in an effort to impress her. Fortunately for Swift, her stalker-like super fan is currently being held on $1000,000 bail after being charged with second degree robbery and fourth degree larceny.

This extreme effort just goes to show to what extent some people are willing to go to in order to make a statement big enough to be recognized by their favorite celebrity. Unfortunately for this man, it doesn’t seem like Taylor approves.

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