Where to Drink the Best Matcha in New York City

Matcha seems to be all the rage these days, possibly even more than bubble tea. The strong green tea is earthy in taste and is full of antioxidants. When done right, the tea can have a wonderful creamy taste, turned into hot or iced lattes, and mixed with chai tea. If you’re planning a trip to NYC, keep reading for some of our top matcha spots.

Cha Cha Matcha

Cha Cha Matcha has a few locations across New York and a very convenient one right in Penn Station. Their Match draft oat lattes are a harmonious blend of sweet and creamy, sure to satisfy any match connoisseurs. The matcha soft serve is also a decadent treat.


As the name implies, Matchful is truly wonderful. Their menu offers a creative array of lattes to choose from, that will take your matcha experience to the next level. We recommend the vanilla zen latte for some tranquility!

Plentea Matcha Bar

We recommend this spot if you’re looking for an authentic matcha experience, in a laid-back, minimalist atmosphere. Their match is known to be some of the smoothest that NYC has to offer, and the cafe is a great place to recharge from the hustle and bustle of NYC.

Maiko Matcha Cafe

This is a unique choice for fans of all things matcha. Their menu has a broad list of creative items including matcha and taro soft serve, fraps, and floats, that are sure to satisfy any match craving.

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