We’re Having a Marilyn Monroe Moment With This Makeup Trend

Marilyn Monroe is regarded as the most beautiful and dynamic actress of her time. Her sultry style is so iconic that it is still being spoken about 60 years after her death. 

The Gentlemen Prefer Blondes star would have absolutely no idea what TikTok is, but TikTok knows all about her. Marilyn-inspired make-up is latest trend on the social media platform, with dozens of users trying out her technique for her sultry eyes.

The blonde bombshell used eyeshadow and white eyeliner to achieve her signature bedroom eyes by elongating the lower lash line. While a classic wing on top is meant to elongate the eye and give a fuller lash line, the bottom line is meant to create a shadow from the lashes, drawing the eyes down. Applying white liner on the waterline then makes the eyes appear big and bright.

The best way to achieve this is by relaxing your face and eyes while applying the makeup. Using a matte eyeshadow in brown or taupe, copy the same shape as the cat flick on the bottom lash line, starting from the outer third of the eye. Pencil brushes will help with precision. Then, take a white or cream-colored one and place it on the bottom waterline. 

The look is completed with a pair of falsies, and if you’re really channeling Marilyn, don’t forget the red lip!

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