Vegan Shoe Brands for Conscious Consumers


As an increasing number of people make the shift toward a vegan lifestyle, the demand for ethical and cruelty-free fashion grows, too. This is especially true when it comes to shoes, which are commonly made of wool, leather, and even fur. Fortunately, some shoe brands have gotten ahead of the movement and started to create cruelty-free alternatives. Many of these shoes are even made with sustainable materials such as recycled plastic bottles and “leather” made from pineapple. If you’re in the market for a new pair of shoes, here are a few of our go-to vegan footwear brands.


NAE is a Portuguese footwear brand that stands for No Animal Exploitation. Its shoes are made from eco-friendly materials like cork, recycled PET, and pineapple leaf using fair labor practices and certified ethical manufacturing. The brand also offers a small line of bags and other accessories, many of which are made from apple-based leather.


While not exclusively vegan, VEJA is a French shoe brand that has a dedicated vegan collection made from eco-friendly materials such as recycled plastic. Its vegan shoes come in a range of styles, some of which are made using animal-free alternatives to the brand’s best-selling leather designs. Others, such as the Nova sneaker, are made from organic cotton. 


Matt and Nat is a Canadian brand specializing in vegan bags and accessories, though its footwear collection is quite extensive as well. With a wide range of shoes including boots, flats, and heels, vegans and eco-conscious consumers alike are sure to discover the perfect pair. Most Matt and Nat shoes are made from recycled bottles and windshield resin, and the brand is currently in the process of testing fruit-based leather for future collections.

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