Use These Tips for the Perfect Pie Crust

Thanksgiving is right. around. the. corner. And that means we need to get our pie-making skills in top shape! Thanksgiving can be hectic, so we’re not judging if you choose to buy your pie crust at the store. That said, if you’d rather go homemade all the way, these tips will have your guests asking for a second slice.

Keep the Heat Out the Kitchen

The perfect pie crust is crisp and flaky. The secret to achieving that? Keep everything as cold as possible during the baking process—especially the butter. Store your butter in the fridge until the moment you incorporate it to ensure it doesn’t have even half a chance to melt!

Get What You Knead

Life may be tough, but your crust doesn’t have to be. Too much gluten is what makes the dough tough, so be gentle with your dough baby and keep kneading to a minimum. 

A Bit of Booze

A little liquid is required to bring your dough together. Most recipes call for ice cold water but trust us on this tip—use alcohol. A bit of booze will hydrate the dough but prevent gluten from developing so your crust stays tender.

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