Tiger Woods and His Ex, Elin Are Still the Best of Friends

Remember the Tiger Woods scandal? What seemed like the perfect marriage with the perfect children was actually a scam, as Woods was bedding almost everything that moved (or so it seemed!). His poor downtrodden wife, Elin Nordegren a Norwegian who was married in her early 20’s to a high profile sports star not long after arriving in the US. She was quite literally thrown in at the deep end. However, the couple divorced in 2010 and while it took a while, they both seem to be good friends now.

In fact, Tiger now calls his ex-wife his “best friend”. “It becomes two simple things, OK? We have Sam and we have Charlie. And we love them so much that we are going to whatever it takes to make that work. That’s how it happened,” said Woods in 2016. “She’s been one of my best friends and I’ve talked to her about so many different things and she does the same thing with me back and forth.

And it seems Nordegren feels the same. “I have moved on and I am in a good place. My relationship with Tiger is centered around our children and we are doing really good — we really are — and I am so happy that this is the case, he is a great father.”

However, it seems after moving on from Erin Tiger was still doing the dirty on his next beau. I guess once a cheater always a cheater, and we wish him all the best as he tries (and fails) to settle down!

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