This Summer Men Will Be Wearing See-Through Lace Shorts

Yes, you read well. Apparently boys’ see-through lace shorts are the new trend. This new look is rocking Twitter and Instagram because it is really surprising! Who would have ever though that men would have worn lace and shorts? These lace shorts were created by streetwear brand Hologram City.

The issue is that they don’t leave a lot to the imagination. So let’s say you’re on the subway and a guy is standing in front of you with this pair of shorts… It would be an unfortunate experience wouldn’t it? That could basically happen to any woman living in a city. We just hope that guys will be respectful enough to wear underwear beneath these pants.

According to Cosmopolitan, the shorts were designed by Hoza Rodriguez for Cazwell’s latest music video. Cazwell is a rapper who is openly gay and celebrates it with his music. Apparently, the shorts started spreading outside the music video. I’m not so sure they will go viral, but if they do… Well we did warn you about them!

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