The 10 Stages of Being Single During Winter

Being single is tough, but being single during the winter is even worse. There is nothing better than cuddling with the person you love in a rainy day, instead of being alone under your sheets crying and eating Ben and Jerry’s. However, sometimes despite how much we want to find someone, we just don’t seem to find a partner and we have to deal with a lonely winter. So what are the stages of a single person during winter? Here are the 10 steps.

First, the temperature starts dropping, you start getting cold and you see couples hugging and kissing everywhere you turn. You try to complain with your friends but most of them are hidden in their houses with their partners cuddling and drinking hot tea. So you ask your friends to set you up, or worse you end up on a dating app. But then, when you do have a date or a booty call, you get lazy because it’s so cold outside and there is nothing you want more than staying in your PJ. When you feel guilty about not going to that date, you go back to the dating apps and you try to find a date in the area that requires the minimum effort.

Maybe you even pick someone who doesn’t look that good so that you don’t have to dress up and put make up on. But once you are there, you hate every second of it. It wasn’t a spontaneous date with a guy you casually met and found interesting. It was just an average person who was bored at home and felt lonely just like you with whom you have literally nothing to share except for the fact that you both hate being alone with that bad weather. So you just go back home, get back to your cozy clothes and delete your dating apps, making a promise to yourself that you would have never done that again even at the expense of being single forever. Oh no, winter is actually coming!

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