The Nail Trends You’ll Want to Hop On This Winter

Even when your hands are gloved, you still want to have pretty nails underneath, and this winter, the most popular nail trends are so cool, you won’t know which one to try. From glazed donut, to sparkles, to different colors on each fingernail, you’ll be so excited to finally take off your mittens and show off those pretty hands!

Icy Tips

This white and glitter trend is a subtle way to add some sparkle to your nails, without being too committed. The nail base color should be white or light pink and sprinkle some glitter on to your tips.

Chrome French Manicure

Create a twist to the French manicure by adding some chrome to the tips instead of white. You can do silver, copper or gold to give you nails an incredible metallic-y effect.

Hot Chocolate Nails

This manicure incorporates all the colors of a steaming and delicious hot chocolate. Painting each nail a different shade of chocolate and nude, you can’t go wrong with this trend.

The Glazed Donut

Originally made famous by Hayley Bieber, this trend has remained popular into the winter. You can still rock the white glazed look or go for a darker shade—either way, your nails will look shiny and smooth this winter.

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