4 Ways to Incorporate Bio-Oil Into Your Beauty Routine


Bio-Oil is the most low-key, cost-efficient beauty product, that can be used by anyone from teenagers to grandparents. It is PurCellin Oil, which is a lab-made cetearyl ethylhexanoate, which is a big fancy term that means that this oil is thin enough to be absorbed easily into your skin, and do what it does best—trap moisture, hydrate skin, reduce stretch marks.

Here are four ways to incorporate it into your daily beauty routine.

Extra Hydration

When your skin is dry and flaky, in the winter, and crying out for some moisture, Bio-Oil can be used over your daily moisturizer to hydrate the skin and keep it feeling smooth and silky.

Moisturize Your Cuticles

If you have run out of your favorite cuticle oil, do not fear. Bio-Oil is as good, or maybe even better. Cuticle oil is essential for healthy nails—Bio-Oil traps the moisture to keep your cuticles soft and help you to grow strong, beautiful nails.

Lessen the Appearance of Stretch Marks

One of the most common ways women use Bio-Oil is on their body, to soothe any dry areas and lessen the appearance of scarring. It’s popular for pregnant women to use on the stomach and thighs, to keep the skin supple and to keep stretch marks at bay.

Beard/Hair Oil

Your hair needs moisture too, especially in the winter, and Bio-Oil is great for locking in the moisture. It’s light weight and not greasy, so it will keep your partners beard soft and your frizzy hair under control.

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