The Most Impressive Potato Recipes You Should Make for Your Next Dinner Party

We love to host and cook for our friends, but sometimes we’re uninspired by the usual food choices to put on our menu. One thing that never disappoints a crowd is a potato dish. If you’re looking for unique and delicious potato recipes to include at your next dinner party, the people of TikTok have you covered. Here are five of our favorite recipes that we’ve found.

Crunchy Smashed Potatoes

This recipe calls for mini potatoes. Boil the potatoes, and then smash them flat on a baking sheet and bake until crunchy. Sprinkle your favorite spices and serve with a fun dipping sauce for a yummy, crunchy experience.

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Potato Bubble Pillows

Even better than tater tots, these potatoes are crispy on the outside and deliciously soft on the side. They are made by making dough with mashed potatoes, cornstarch, and flour. Deep fry them twice to get them to the intended crispiness and sprinkle them with flaky salt and chili powder.

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Crunchy Potato Sticks

These sticks are also made by making a type of dough, although this time, you’re using mashed potatoes, flour, and cheese. Place the dough in a bag, roll it flat, and throw it in the freezer for a while. Then, cut the dough into long sticks and deep fry them for a crunch you can hear from anywhere in the room.

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Crispy Parmesan Potatoes

These are simple and always delicious. Cut your potatoes in half and score them. Then, place them on a bed of oil, spices, and lots of parmesan cheese. In the oven, this mixture crisps up and sticks to the potatoes, making them cheesy, crunchy, and super tasty.

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Fifteen-Hour Potatoes

This dish definitely takes the longest but is well worth the effort. The fifteen-hour potato is made by slicing the potatoes extra thin, layering them, and baking, before placing them in the fridge overnight. In the morning, slice them in thick wedges and deep fry for an unexpectedly flaky and crispy bite every time.

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