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How to Deal with Silent Treatment

As wonderful as they are, relationships require a lot of...

Stop Thinking You Can Change Your Man

It is the oldest story: She met him when he used to be a bad guy and she turned him into Mr. Right. Women always believe they can change the person, make him a better guy, making the guy they want him to be. But if there's one thing that the movie "He's just not that into you" have taught us, is that if a guy threats you badly he doesn't care about you and nothing will make him change. Exceptions exist but hardly happen. So stop thinking you can change the way the guy dresses, behaves, what he eats, his thoughts or his ambition. He won't change his life vision just because you want him to. Rather seeing men who need changes, try to find a guy who is more in line with whatever it is that you're looking for. Pick a guy who has the qualities, priorities and skills you would like him to have. Stop thinking you can change people who don't want to change, instead pick who you think could be good for you.

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