Stunning Homes That Make You Want to Redecorate  


When it comes to redecorating, inspiration can come from many sources, including the homes of our favorite celebrities and influencers. From cozy and eclectic to sleek and modern, these gorgeous homes are sure to inspire your next decor project.

Emma Chamberlain

One such home is the eclectic and colorful residence of influencer Emma Chamberlain. The YouTube star’s Los Angeles home is filled with unique vintage finds, statement wallpaper, and plenty of indoor plants. The result is a warm and inviting space that is both stylish and personal.

Lauryn Bosstick

For a sleek and modern look, look no further than the home of blogger and influencer Lauryn Bosstick. The Austin-based influencer’s home features a monochromatic color scheme, clean lines, and plenty of natural light. The result is a minimalist and sophisticated space that is both calming and chic.

Sivan Ayla

Finally, Sivan’s residence in San Diego is a stunning example of mid-century modern design. The home’s interior features clean lines, warm wood tones, and a minimalist color palette that emphasizes the beauty of the architecture. The result is a space that is both timeless and contemporary.

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