Jennifer Lopez’s Nails Have Us in a Spring State of Mind

We might still be in the depths of winter, but Jennifer Lopez has summer on her mind if her nails are anything to go by. 

When the temperature hits the lower digits, we typically opt for dark, richer colors like burgundies, browns, grays, and black. Yet J.Lo looks as though she’s chilling on a tropical island with a manicure that is ideal for spring. 

A recent photo of the Shotgun Wedding actress shows her wearing a buttery yellow on her nails that perfectly complements her bright floral outfit from Carolina Herrera and hot pink lipstick. The picture was posted on the ‘gram by none of than Jennifer’s go-to nail guy, Tom Bachik.

Tom, sadly, did not name the sunshiny hue that he used for the manicure, but if you are in a yellow state of mind, these are a few polishes to try.

All Fun and Games by Essie is a creamy lemon yellow, while Sally Hansen’s You’re the Zest is a pastel shade inspired by Mentos. If you’d prefer something a little bit brighter, go for Bright and Focused from Olive & June. 

Who says you can’t hold sunshine in the palm of your hand!

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