How to Make the Best of Solo Travel as an Introvert

Traveling all on your own can feel terrifying, especially when you’re an introvert. But this shouldn’t stop you from embarking on the most empowering journey of your life. These tips will help you make the best of your solo trip.

Avoiding Conflicts

Traveling solo might be scary, but it’s sometimes the best option for introverts. Conflicts can emerge when you’re traveling with other people because you’ll have different ideas about the way your trip should go, but you won’t have to deal with this issue when you’re flying solo.

Right Accommodation

Are you in the mood to meet some fellow travelers during your trip or enjoy alone time? The answer to this question will determine if you’ll stay at a hostel or private room/Airbnb.

Making New Friends

Making new friends as an introvert doesn’t come easy, but you should stay open to the possibility, especially if you’re staying at a hostel. If you’re struggling to make the first step, let people come to you, and try to engage in a friendly conversation once they do.

Alone Time

You’ll spend a lot of time on your own when traveling solo, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should feel lonely. Do some journaling, treat yourself to a nice dinner, and catch up with your loved ones at home to fill your free time.

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