How To Control Your Own Happiness In 4 Easy Steps

The following steps might seem silly at first, but every one of them is crucial to your happiness. Let’s start:

1. Go To Be At A Decent Hour

Say goodbye to those long nights in front of your iPad watching old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix. You need to get some rest. For real. 

2. Don’t Go To Sleep Angry

It doesn’t matter if you’re angry at yourself, at your partner, or some other person in your life. Always make sure you resolve the situation before going to sleep. If such thing is not possible, try to relax with some breathing exercises (or a little ice-cream). You need to make sure you’re going to sleep happy. 

3. Stop Being A Perfectionist 

Doing things the right way is important to you, but does it really matter? 
Being a perfectionist takes a huge toll on your body and your mind. Instead of checking every small detail, try to relax and live with the feeling that you’ve done something right, but not perfectly. This will help you move on from certain pressure points in your life, and save some time for a much needed rest. 

4. Do 3 Things That Make You Happy Every Day

This might seem silly at first, but it’s the most important step! Make sure you do 3 simple things that make you happy every single day. It doesn’t matter if it’s a busy work day, you’re sick, or you just don’t feel like doing something. Just do it. It can be eating something sweet, reading a trashy magazine, or watching an old episode of “Friends”. After a few days, you’ll find that these 3 moments will be the highlights of your day. 

Are you ready to give these steps a chance? 

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