Here’s The Best Way To Overcome Jetlag

When you travel somewhere, especially somewhere that’s particularly far away, one of the hardest things you have to deal with is the jetlag. Due to the time difference, your body still thinks it’s in the country of origin, and this leads to falling asleep and waking up at bizarre hours, not to mention being randomly tired at various hours of the day. If you’re struggling with jetlag, here’s one thing you can do that may help—do physical activities.

In our opinion, the best possible thing you can do to beat your jetlag is to constantly engage in physical activity. It may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s actually a brilliant method. The main issue with jetlag is that your mind is well aware that you’ve changed time zones, but your body still hasn’t caught up. But by working up a sweat, you slowly start to break down the barriers being body, mind, and soul.

You’re essentially connecting to your body by being active, and this will help raise its awareness of its surroundings. If you’re alone in a foreign country, spend the whole day walking around town. If you’re visiting a friend, go jogging with them. A good old fashioned hike also never goes amiss! In any case, this should do the trick at beating the pesky jetlag.

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