Here’s How to Decide if Viral TikTok Foods Are Actually Worth Trying

TikTok is a great source of food inspiration, but that doesn’t mean you should hop onto every new trend right away. New food trends emerge on this platform every day, and here are a few things you should take into consideration before giving them a shot.

Skill Level

Before giving a new TikTok trend a shot, make sure it aligns with your culinary abilities. This usually won’t be a problem because most TikTok recipes are quick and easy to pull off, and that’s usually one of the reasons why they went viral.

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Available Ingredients

Some TikTok recipes may include ingredients that you won’t be able to find at your local grocery store, so make sure that all the ingredients you need are easily available before starting.

Good Feedback

Not all TikTok recipes are created equal, and some of them even turned out to be pretty unhealthy. Instead of hopping on new trends right away, wait for feedback from reputable sources to roll in.

Personal Taste

At the end of the day, it all comes down to your likes and dislikes. If a certain trendy food simply doesn’t seem like something you would enjoy, feel free to give it a pass. Adjusting the recipe to suit your taste and dietary restrictions is also an option.

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