Designer Bridal Gown Is Recreated As a Cake

At London’s recent Cake International Show – the UK’s leading cake decorating, sugar craft and baking show – world-renowned cake artist, Emma Jayne who owns Emma Jayne Cake Design, entered a very special cake into the proceedings.

After being wowed by a stunning Mark Tumang designed bridal gown, she decided to recreate it as a cake. And what’s more, the whole cake was made by hand with no help from printers or machines.

Well-known Philippines-based designer Mark Tumang’s original bridal gown consisted of reams and reams of intricate floral patterns. By using a special baker’s tool called a dragéekiss, Emma was able to recreate the intricate detail for her edible version of the dress.

The dragéekiss allows bakers to add sprinkles to a cake in a way that makes the whole effect very similar to that of sewn fabric. And for the final touch she added a sugar pearl into the centre of the flower petals which capped the design making it look all the more real.

Emma’s cake dress was on view at the Wedding Gowns Through the Ages exhibition at Alexandra Palace in North London. Visitors enthused about the incredible creation even though they were not permitted to take a bite!

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