Best Ways to Embrace Ethical Travel in 2023

Ethical travel is one of the biggest travel trends to emerge in recent years and it will be going stronger than ever in 2023. This trend is all about exploring the world in a more responsible, conscious, and eco-friendly way, and these useful tips will help you fully embrace it.

Road Less Traveled

Select your destination with care, and try to avoid places that are overcrowded with tourists. Traveling off the beaten path is a great way to support smaller economies around the world, instead of traveling to popular places where everyone else flocks in.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

You should also put an effort to reduce your carbon footprint and avoid using planes whenever possible. Other transportation methods, such as buses, trains, and carpools, are a better option because they’re not as damaging to the environment.

Accommodation Choice

When looking for accommodation, try to avoid all-inclusive luxurious resorts or round-the-world cruises owned by big corporations. Seek accommodation owned by the locals, and opt for places that have been recognized for their sustainable practices.

Travel Off Season

In addition to being a much cheaper option, traveling off-season can also have a positive impact on a local community because those depending on tourism tend to lose their income once the season is over.

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