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Josh claims to be the New York Knicks’ number one fan. When he’s not writing, he spends his time cheering the team on from the sidelines.

Tinder Match Filled With Regret After Snubbing Olympic Gold Medalist Who Beat Michael Phelps

Many men who use Tinder find themselves swiping right without distinction, hoping to somehow find a human connection, waiting by the phone at the mercy of women, who, undoubtedly, are getting way more attention than any men on the platform. So it's understandable when women don't remember or respond to every single guy they're messaging. It’s no big deal when you make the choice to move on from a conversation you’re not interested in.

Ellie Kemper Welcomes Baby Boy to the World

Ellie Kemper of Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt fame has given birth to a healthy baby boy. The news was delivered by co-star Tituss Burgess in a hilarious Facebook post.

Jennifer Garner Reads The Most R-Rated Children Nighttime Story Ever Written

Jennifer Garner is known for her family friendly movies, and...