Are You Ready to Move on From a Partner?

When you’re in a romantic relationship, things can get really blurry really fast. You might find yourself in love with this other person, and unfortunately that can cloud your judgement down the line. Don’t get us wrong—love is a beautiful thing. But love isn’t the only ingredient in a successful relationship. And after all, is it even true love if they’re not fulfilling other needs that are crucial for relationship success? Here’s how to know that you’re ready to move on from a partner.

They’re Not Helping You Grow

If you find yourself seeking to grow, whether it’s personal growth or growth in a career field, and your partner isn’t helping you get there, asking yourself why that’s happening. If they’re not doing it intentionally, talk to them—perhaps the issue can be resolved. But if they’re intentionally keeping you from being your best self, this may be a red flag.

They Don’t Respect You

This brings us to our next point, which is that respect is the cornerstone of any good relationship. Your partner should be respecting you and valuing you as a person. Again, if you’re not feeling that respect, perhaps it’s inadvertent, and a simple heart-to-heart can fix it. But if you talk to your partner and continue to learn that they simply don’t respect you, then you deserve better, and may want to move on to someone who appreciates you more.

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