4 Winter Date Ideas for You and Your Love

Whether you are in a fully committed relationship or keeping things casual, dating in the winter has a whole different vibe. It’s cold outside and there are limited daylight hours, so it’s time to get more creative with your dating ideas. Whether you choose to cuddle by the fire watching a movie or get more active and go on a ski trip, make your dates this winter an occasion to remember with these date ideas.

Cook a Romantic Meal Together

Staying in doesn’t have to be boring! Keep it lively by cooking a romantic meal together. Decide on the menu together, crack open a bottle of wine and make some magic in the kitchen.

A Trip to the Theater

Winter is a fabulous time to catch a play at the theater. Watching live entertainment is that much more enjoyable when you’re sitting close to the one you love, hiding from the bitter cold outside.

Spa Day

What’s a better way to relax together than enjoying a couple’s massage at the spa? Take advantage of the complimentary champagne and enjoy your time indoors with your partner.

Ice Skating

Take advantage of the festive decorations at your local outdoor ice rink this winter. Not only is ice skating a great way to raise your heart rate, but it gives you the perfect excuse to get that much closer physically to your partner.

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