4 Things to Taste on Your Next Trip to Japan

Whether it is the bright lights and buzz of Tokyo or the delicate beauty of the cherry blossom trees in season, Japan is on many people’s bucket lists. The country is famous for its innovation, tradition, and, of course, for being a culinary capital. If you’re planning a trip to the East Asian nation, these are the things you must try. 


This list would be worth nothing if sushi was not mentioned. As obvious as it seems, you should definitely have sushi in the very place it was invented. In Japan, sushi is not just food—it is an art form. Each piece will be prepared using the freshest ingredients and presented with pride. 


Another anticipated item, yet no less worthy. Ramen is what happens when flavourful broth meets noodles, vegetables, and protein. So perfect is the marriage of these elements that college students have been trying to recreate it on a $5 budget for years! We’re kidding—about the students—not about how amazing ramen is. 


As soon as you’ve tried your first mochi, you’ll be wanting mo’. Although the dessert has found its way to the West, mochi in Japan just hits different. Made of short-grain glutinous rice, the sweet cake is typically made into a sphere, but it can assume a variety of fun shapes. 


Every country barbecues—even Japan. Yakitori is the Japanese version of a kebab, with chicken, meat, seafood, or vegetables being placed on a skewer and grilled. The kebabs are normally seasoned with a sweet and salty sauce which caramelizes when cooking. 

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