Why Sunny Side Up Eggs Are Underrated

Eggs are among the most popular foods on the planet. Even if you’re not someone who eats eggs for breakfast, you probably consume them all the time in other food products, from mayonnaise to cake. One of the biggest debates about eggs revolves around the best way to prepare them. Most people opt for scrambled, hard-boiled, or an omelet—but we’re here to vouch for sunny side up. Here’s why it’s the best way to eat eggs.

Diverse Texture

With omelettes, scrambled eggs, and even hard-boiled eggs, the texture of the egg usually is pretty consistent throughout the whole experience. This, we believe, is why so many people like them. But we think that the inconsistent texture of the sunny-side up is actually a pro rather than a con.

Embrace the Mess

Another reason people don’t like sunny-side ups is because it gets messy. But what if we told you that the messy sunny-side up should actually be embraced rather than neglected? Whether it’s in a toasted sandwich or with a side of hash browns, there’s something truly exciting about eating a runny, crispy, and overall bold mess of a sunny-side up egg.

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