What is Wellness Travel?

Along with sleep syncing, EMDR therapy, and facial yoga, wellness travel is one of the hottest self-care trends for 2023. Wellness travel is defined as “travel associated with the pursuit of maintaining or enhancing one’s personal well-being”, and includes getaways such as spa hotels, yoga retreats, preventative treatments, and mindful craft courses.

Wellness Travel is Not the Same as Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is when people travel to receive surgeries or health care treatments abroad because they are cheaper, better quality, or not available in their home country. Wellness travel, on the other hand, is travel motivated by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, destressing, and enhancing well-being.

What are Some Wellness Travel Destinations?

Some of the top wellness travel destinations are in Asia and include Bali, Thailand, India, and Japan. However, it’s possible to find wellness travel provisions all over the world! Europe and the U.S. also offer a whole host of different retreats, spas, fitness centers, and more to choose from.

Is Wellness Travel For Me?

If you often feel bad after overindulging on vacation, then it could be time to try wellness travel. Wellness travel is for anyone who wants a break from the daily grind and to take time to reconnect with themselves and focus on their health. However, wellness travel generally requires deep pockets so it may not be the best option for the budget traveler!

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