These Layering Will Help You Create Brand New Outfits

Do you ever look in your closet and feel like you have nothing to wear? For most of us, while this feeling can hit home, it doesn’t represent the truth. In fact, you’re more likely to feel this way if you’re staring at an unmanageable amount of clothes, some of which you haven’t worn in months. Rather than heading to the shops to pick up some new pieces, why not make the most of what you already have and create some new looks? Using some wardrobe staples—a spaghetti strap dress, a white shirt, and a tank top, this article will show you how to breathe life into old clothes.

Dress to Impress

If you have a slinky, silk slip-style dress in your wardrobe, the chances are you reserve it for the hottest summer days. However, by layering this style of dress over a long-sleeved blouse, or under a casual sweatshirt, you can enjoy wearing your finest summer wear even in the depths of winter. Silk is a stunning fabric to wear in the daytime, as it catches the light beautifully, so don’t just reserve your silk dresses for evening or occasion wear.

White Shirt Jacket

A white shirt doesn’t have to be buttoned up and tucked into some office-ready pants. Use it as a layering piece over a dress, a nice top and jeans combo, or even over a jumpsuit to create some innovative looks that are playful and timeless.

Tank Top Waistcoat

Waistcoats have had a huge fashion moment over the past few seasons. For a spring/summer-friendly take, layer a simple white or black tank over a dress or blouse, to alter the shape of the clothes and add an interesting over-layer.

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