The Wonderful Benefits of Meditation

A very popular trend nowadays is meditation. No longer is it restricted to just Shaolin monks or your bizarre great uncle who was a hippie in the ’60s. Meditation is about as common as it’s ever been, and for good reason. Mental struggles such as depression and anxiety have certainly risen in our society in recent decades, and as a result, people are searching for ways to cope and thrive. Here’s why meditation can help with these issues.

It Slows Things Down

A common cause for emotional turmoil is the way our world always seems to be moving so fast. From ever-changing technology to a news cycle that doesn’t sleep, sometimes it seems like all we need is to just stop and breathe. Meditation offers this luxury, and it’s often just what the doctor ordered.

It Puts Issues Into Perspective

Negative thoughts are common, but sometimes a big part of anxiety is the idea of “having anxiety about having anxiety.” Mindfulness, a common meditation philosophy, teaches that it’s okay to have feelings of fear or sadness. Instead of dwelling on these thoughts, which tends to make it worse—the essential goal is simply to “note” these feelings with a soft curiosity, leading to more perspective and healthy acceptance.

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