“The Little Mermaid” Remake is Here and Mermaidcore is Taking Over TikTok

This week marks the release of the long-awaited *Little Mermaid* live-action remake, and the film has ignited a trend among celebrities and influencers of ocean-inspired beauty and fashion. The trend, aptly dubbed “mermaidcore,” is currently taking over on social media, having already garnered over 200 million views on TikTok. Content creators of all kinds have found unique and interesting ways to put mermaid-themed spins on everything from how they do their makeup to the way they paint their nails.

One of the best examples of mermaidcore that we’ve seen came from the actress who plays the Little Mermaid herself, 23-year-old Halle Bailey. Bailey has been making a splash with a variety of sea-worthy looks by top fashion designers on a recent press tour, including this gown by Albanian designer Valdrin Sahiti. The dress recalls one of film’s most iconic scenes, when Ariel re-emerges from the sea as a human to be with her beloved Prince Eric.

While we may not all have access to custom designer gowns, there are plenty of little ways that we can incorporate mermaidcore into our own style. Accessorizing with shell-shaped jewelry is one option we love, especially when paired with a shimmery manicure like this.

For a costume party or just for fun, you can also play around with creating mermaid-style makeup. Use oceanic colors like greens and blues, and try adding a few faux-pearls for an undersea touch.

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