Sophia Bush Calls Out Airplane Creeper With Awesome Open Letter

Whenever you think of Sophia Bush, the first thing that might’ve come to mind ‘till now was One Tree Hill, but now you can to that list, badass airplane passenger. The 34-year-old actress recently dealt with the worst plane passenger ever, and she went all-out Brooke Davis on him.

Everyone has dealt with annoying person on an airplane (if you haven’t, it’s probably you). But it seems Sophia had to confront one of the worst.

Sophia took to Twitter to write an honest open letter, addressing it to, “Dear Random Dude on a plane.”

You can already tell this is gonna be good.

Sophia wrote,

“When you make a woman so visibly uncomfortable, that after you’ve ignored all visual cues to please leave her alone (one word answers, she pulls out a book, puts on a hat, she actually asks you to not speak to her with the tone and words you’re choosing to use) that she finally GETS UP and MOVES SEATS, leave her alone. Do not continue trying to make conversation.”

“Stop turning around and looking at her. Stop leaning out of your seat and towards her body when she has to grab something out of the overhead bin above her original seat, and sadly also above you, midflight.”

Sophia went further:

“And in my case, stop believing that you are entitled to make me uncomfortable because you ‘watch my TV show’ so I owe you some magical debt. I make it, you watch it. After that, the ‘exchange’ is done. You do not get to harass me, or any woman, because you think you pay our bills. You don’t bro, I DO.”

Shots fired.

Next time you plan on being a douche on a plane, make sure you don’t do it next to Sophia Bush.

She signed it, “Every Woman On The Planet Who Is Sick Of Your Creepy Shit.”

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