ShopBop Now Carries Beauty Products—Here’s What You Need to Know


ShopBop is one of our favorite places to shop online whether we’re in need of high-quality basics or just looking for some trendy new pieces to add to our wardrobe. They’ve always carried a wide selection of clothing, jewelry, and other accessory brands, and now they’ve added beauty products to their inventory as well. Here’s what we know so far.

What They’ll Carry

Products available through ShopBop beauty will include makeup, skincare, haircare, and tools. Prices vary by brand, but we do know that the category will include both high-end and more affordable products. Some of the more affordable options include hair tools and accessories from Kitsch, press-on nails from Chillhouse, and makeup from Stila and Buxom. Luxury offerings include coveted products from the line of German aesthetics doctor Barbara Sturm and Black Diamond Serum available for $600.

Shipping & Availability

Most of the beauty products now available can be found at other popular retailers like Ulta, Sephora, and even Amazon, so you may be wondering why you’d want to purchase them through ShopBop. If you have Amazon Prime, you can take advantage of free two-day shipping and free returns within 15 days, saving yourself both time and money. That said, at this time Shopbop is only able to ship beauty products to US customers.

Where do you get your beauty products? Will you be checking out the new category on Shopbop?

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