Relocating, Downsizing or Decluttering? Host Your Own Second-Hand Sale!

Relocating, downsizing, or decluttering? You’re likely to have a whole bunch of stuff in good condition that needs a new home! Before carting it all to the thrift store, why not give your friends and neighbors a chance to have a rummage? Hosting your own second-hand sale is a fantastic way to get rid of unwanted belongings, socialize and make a few bucks!


Go through your belongings and identify anything you want to get rid of. Check it’s all still in good condition and that the electrical appliances still work. Anything that isn’t worth passing on can be taken to the recycling center.


Borrow a few clothing rails and spare folding tables from friends to display your belongings. Imagine you’re building your own little thrift store on your balcony, rooftop, or in your living room.


See if any friends are also looking to declutter and fancy joining forces. The more good stuff you have on offer, the more people will come!


Set a date for your sale and advertise in local Facebook groups, post on your Instagram, tell your pals to bring their pals and invite your neighbors.

Host the Sale

Pump the music, get some drinks and nibbles, and make a night of it! Having a good old rummage is great fun so aim to create a party atmosphere. Now watch while your old clutter and clothes bring a smile to someone’s face!

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