No Diffuser? Use a Fine Mesh Sieve Instead

Photo by Rae Wallis on Unsplash

For those who don’t have a diffuser but still want wavy hair, look no further than your kitchen drawers! Did you know that your fine mess sieve to give you the same results? This hair hack is trending and it actually works. All you need is a blow dryer on low heat and the sieve on your hair and you will have the same results that a diffuser will give you—beautifully wavy hair.

This is a great hack if you are on vacation and don’t want to pack the bulky diffuser attachment. You can bring a fine mesh sieve instead, which weighs less, and won’t take up so much room in your luggage.

You want to put the blow drier on low heat and high speed and hold the sieve over different parts of your head as you blow the hair.

It can be a little more time-consuming than a diffuser and you don’t get the same volume on the roots, but the waves are just as good and it decreases the level of frizz.

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