Movies Are Back! Here are 3 Movies You Should See in Theaters

Movie theaters are finally able to make a comeback after losing a lot of revenue over the past couple of years! If you’re a fan of movies on the big screen, then support theaters in 2024 and grab a bucket of popcorn. If you’re looking for good movie recommendations look no further. Here are three movies you should see this year!

Anyone But You

This movie starring Sidney Sweeny and Glen Powell offers viewers the classic enemies-to-lovers storyline that never gets old. Sweeny and Powell have excellent chemistry on the screen, and the movie is sure to have you swooning.

Mean Girls

Fans of the 2004 cult classic are gearing up for this anticipated movie, written and produced by the same woman: Tina Fey. Fey produced this one through a Gen Z lens and based it on the Mean Girls musical, showing off the vast vocals of Renee Rapp, the movie’s leading lady.

Poor Things

This Golden Globe winner stars Emma Stone and is sure to sweep the Oscars this year. The movie offers a modern take on Frankenstein offering viewers a fun, sci-fi adventure with a lovable, feminist heroine.

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