Kate Moss’s Go-To Scent is a Cult Classic

Ever wondered what Kate Moss smells like? Now we know, thanks to the recent video she did for Vogue where she disclosed the contents of her handbag. 

Aside from everyday items like sunglasses, keys, and her wallet, the supermodel also keeps a bottle of Clarins Eau Dynamisante. It has been a cult favorite since it first hit shelves in 1987.

“My mom used to wear it. It’s just a go-to scent. A freshener,” says Kate while spritzing the iconic red bottle around her head.

Eau Dynamisante has been described by Clarins as “the first cleansing water that combines the scented and healing powers of plants based on the practices of aromatherapy and plant therapy.” The fragrance includes orange and lemon essential oils to give it its signature citrus aroma, as well as French lavender and patchouli. 

Kate also keeps other delightful-smelling items in her bag, including what she calls “Sacred Mist”. The fragrance is from her new beauty and wellness range, Cosmoss, and provides a “hypnotic, yet grounding” scent which calms the mind and acts as a mood booster according to the line’s website. 

Sacred Mist possesses notes of orange blossom, bergamot, jasmine, tuberose, geranium, oak moss, cedar and tonka bean.

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