How to Actually Wear the No-Pants Trend

Gone are the days when trousers were a staple. In a delightful twist of fashion fate, the no-pants trend has emerged as a bold statement of style and liberation. If you’re wondering how to incorporate the look off the runway, here’s a guide to help you out. 

Understanding the Trend

The no-pants trend is a fashion-forward move where coats, blazers, or oversized shirts are styled as the main garment, eliminating the need for traditional pants or skirts. It’s a daring look that plays with proportions and challenges conventional norms.

Celebrity Takes on the Trend

Celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift, Gisele Bündchen, and Emma Corrin have all put their unique spin on this trend. Jenner, for example, was seen wearing a trench coat as a minidress, while Swift opted for an oversized rugby shirt with knee-high boots for a modest yet trendy look. 

How to Wear It

To pull off this look confidently, invest in high-fashion briefs or micro shorts. Look for oversized coats, blazers, or shirts that can double as a dress to compliment the look. Lastly, choose your footwear based on the length and style of your top piece. Knee-high boots, sophisticated loafers, or oxfords will all go well with the no-pants look.

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