How Netflix’s Dark Comedy “Dead To Me” Celebrates Female Friendship

With the third season of Netflix’s black comedy Dead to Me now streaming on Netflix, we thought it was time to reflect on the heart of this quirky Emmy-nominated show. At its core, Dead to Me is a celebration of female friendship (the murders are secondary!).

Let’s look at how Judy and Jen—flawlessly portrayed by real-life besties Linda Cardellini and Christina Applegate—show up for each other again and again.

* Spoilers Ahead! *

Opposites Attract

With acerbic, no-nonsense Jen and sweet, head-in-the-clouds Judy, Dead To Me shows us that some of the best friendships are between women who, on the surface, have nothing in common. Judy and Jen balance out each other’s limitations and help each other to grow.

In Sickness and In Health

With the show dealing with grief, miscarriage, guilt and terminal illness, Judy and Jen support each other through the toughest of times with humor, grace and a whole lot of love.

Friendship First

While Judy and Jen both have various romantic entanglements during the three seasons, it is their friendship that always comes first. This is a rare tribute to the power of platonic love that we don’t often see on screen and it’s beautiful!

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